Best Operas of All Time

Do you have one opera that you can watch over and over without getting bored? There is no doubt about that. Operas are becoming popular nowadays as compared to previous years. Every year millions of people flock in spend hours watching the operas. We have different tastes. But there is always something that can make you watch an opera more than once.

A captivating storyline is crucial and so it is the music that continues to keep us fascinated. Some of the best operas have the best songs of all time. If you are looking for operas of all time to watch, I have a list that you should consider.


Have you ever found yourself in an unfriendly relationship? If you have been dumped or imagined of revenge, you will relate to this opera. But something is unusual about this piece; you will concurrently pity the dumpee and the dumper. Carmen, a female unscrupulous seducer, believes in the liberty to love many men. There is an obsessed soldier called Don Jose and wants Carmen to settle down with him only. This opera is an endless struggle that is played in a series of the best ear arresting tunes you can ever imagine of.

La Bohème

This masterpiece correctly captures the pains, joys, and pure immensity of emotions in the initial glow of youth. This story is nearly a joke but simple. Rodolfo, a poet, falls for Mimi who becomes sick and dies. It is a tragic love story that you would want to watch over and over.

Don Giovanni

If you have ever been arrogant or encountered someone who you can’t outwit, beat or dodge, you can relate to this opera. It is about Don Giovanni. This is a young nobleman who is sexually promiscuous and arrogant. He outrages and abuses everybody in this cast. This goes only until he encounters something he cannot beat up, outwit, kill, or dodge. Don Giovanni encounters with the devil and thinks that he can defeat him. The most interesting thing here is when the gates of hell open and to take him and Don Giovaxd nni opposes with all the strength he has. The opera brings out the death of an evildoer shows his life.


This is one of the operas that stares at death, vengeance, and love squarely. The heroine knows that her lover is not faithful. But at the intense climax, she sacrifices her love to protect him. It is when her father finds out that his plan to eliminate the deceitful lover has destroyed his child. This opera gives you a series of desperation and joy. You need to see this opera if you haven’t. It is one of the best operas of all time – read articles on where are operas performed.


Now that you know the best operas of all time, take a moment to watch those that you haven’t. You will enjoy your time. You might end up watching some of these repeatedly. Some of the most loved operas have an unforgettable lesson that we can draw from them.